BlowStation – Reibender Masturbator mit Vibration, Wärmefunktion und Handyhalterung

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Color: Black


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Artikelnummer: AMO-M-004


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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Leonardo Felix

This product was a game changer for solo playing. The suck function and the different modes are incredible. The texture inside is so smooth and feels so good on the skin, it gives great sensations. Also the masturbator looks supercool!!!

Johnny Munoz

Well m giving this product a 5 star review. I work all kinds of different hrs and well I have a high drive so a lot of the times my ole lady isn't up and well we both agreed on me getting a toy so after looking around reading reviews etc we picked this one and real talk it does the job . Totally recommend this product trust and believe I'll be happy with it..!

Amazon Customer

I like this product! it's suction seems awesome, easy to use, and it's easy to clean. I like the magnetic charger as well. I would definitely recommend it

Donnie Russo

it is a good toy as I like it for working on my big muscle9

Willie House-Bey

This is a game changer for me. It has changed my mind about using artificial means of satisfaction. The heat mode is WOW... LOL. Along with the different speeds and functions it gives it a real effect. Thumbs up... 5 stars from me.

latrica allen

He enjoyed it and it is really comfortable.

Madly Macabre

So first, this ssistant?was a lot larger than I figured it was going to be. It stands perfectly on a flat service with its cap on and it greatly resembles r2d2. The is a protective visor over the buttons to prevent accidentally hitting one and ruining your good time. The inner section is really soft, squishy, has nubs and honestly is very similar in feel to the real thing. It a little on the loud side because when it goes to work, it wants to be sure you get where youe going. If you need a travel buddy, a girlfriend without the drama, or a wife who always has a headache, invest in this thing!


My partner Loves It. I thought buy him something since it always been about me ?he said he loved it!!! The feeling the sensation was so real, the suction, the different variations plus heat was a total WOW. He would recommend for sure.

Brandon Martin

The heating mode makes the experience a whole new level. I have never used something like this but this has definitely changed my mind. Silicone felt great aswell as the suction.

Ashley dougherty

My man said this was definitely better than any of the others he is tried. Easy to use and clean, strong vibration and feels very good


Born from innovation's blaze, this marvel combines the caress of warmth with the primal energy of vibration, introducing the thrilling twist of rub action. Designed for those who appreciate the finer things, its ergonomic silhouette stands as a monument to luxury indulgence. The integrated mobile holder paves the way to endless fantasies, making each encounter a discovery. A titan among toys, It crafts sensory awakening, sparking desires afresh each time.


Step into a realm of technological elegance with our masterfully engineered device, seamlessly merging style with substance. Explore its meticulously crafted internal structure, where every component harmonizes to perfection, ensuring a fluid and effortless experience. Experience a new standard of efficiency and sophistication, where each interaction is a testament to our commitment to innovation and luxury indulgence.


Dive into uncharted realms of pleasure with our avant-garde masturbator, boasting dual-handle controls that pulse and leap with customizable heat and vibration settings. Feel the exhilaration as you navigate through waves of sensation, each touch orchestrating a symphony of pleasure unlike any other. Welcome to a realm where sophistication meets innovation, promising an experience that defies all expectations.


Prepare to be captivated by the epitome of self-care with our groundbreaking toy. Glide effortlessly through its sleek interior channels, each stroke as smooth as silk. With the addition of dual rear water outlets, cleaning becomes a breeze, ensuring a seamless post-use routine. As you luxuriate in the invigorating heat, you'll be irresistibly drawn to its innovative features, sparking a passion and desire that will leave you yearning for more.


Feel the pulsating rhythm of innovation with our revolutionary device, where cutting-edge design seamlessly integrates with vibrant vitality. Delve into the depths of desire as precision and passion intertwine in every motion, delivering an unmatched wave of ecstasy. Immerse yourself in a world brimming with invigorating rhythm, where each heartbeat ignites a new dimension of pleasure and excitement.


Maximize your satisfaction with our straight-bar stroking channel, meticulously crafted to push the boundaries of pleasure. Delve into a realm of intense sensations and immersive tactile responses, redefining the art of sensory indulgence. With innovative heating and stroking technology at your disposal, every touch becomes a captivating encounter, enticing you to explore the peak of sensory delight.

1 - Easy Fit

Experience hassle-free maintenance with our product's detachable assembly and versatile cleaning options, guaranteeing effortless upkeep from beginning to end

3 -Handy Grip

Experience ergonomic excellence with our expertly designed handle, meticulously crafted for effortless control and unparalleled comfort


2 -Heat Control

Effortlessly fine-tune the heating function for a personalized, invigorating warmth that heightens your pleasure experience, setting the stage for ultimate satisfaction

4 -Real Feel

Touch lifelike sensations with our soft and safe silicone construction, meticulously designed to simulate real touch